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Latest Elounda Holiday Reviews

  • love Elounda

    Weather very good in September & October. Windy but sometimes a God send.

    joe smith
  • Our holidays in Elounda

    We normally go in June or September, each month the weather has been absolutely perfect for the past 5 years.

  • the best chilling holiday ever

    The weather as always in Elounda was very good, blue skies a bit of a breeze/wind at times. The weather...

    Davey Jones

    I have been to Elounda several times in June. It has always been hot & sunny, although last time we...


Historic Temperatures for 1st October in Elounda

Average High 24°C (75°F)
Record High 27°C (81°F) (2005)
Average Low 17°C (63°F)
Record Low 15°C (59°F) (2000)

Weahter in Elounda

Elounda is a resort on the north east coast of the island of Crete, an island located south of mainland Greece. This European holiday destination is situated north of Agios Nikolaos and south of the seaside resort of Plaka. It is an area blessed with beautiful hot sunny weather during the long summer months, and mild winters. The tempting and diverse scenery and the warm, constant Mediterranean climate entice holidaymakers to this town year after year.


The summers are one of the longest of the region, lasting from May to September, with warm average high temperatures of around 280C. The outstanding climate can result in very hot summers; the popular holiday months from June to September can see daytime temperatures reaching 26°C.

Average Sea Temperature

Sheltered in Mirabello Bay, the water here is great for swimming and is pleasantly warm right through to October. The best month to swim in the Mediterranean Sea around this resort is in August when the sea temperatures are at their warmest at 260C.

Average Sunshine Hours

By then, there are around thirteen hours of sunshine each day. The powerful easterly winds that blow through from the north Greece grow very strong during the summer, especially during the month of August, but helping to lower both temperature and humidity and keeping them at more convenient levels. The temperatures drop over the autumn and winter months and rainfall increases, so it is not the best winter sun destination. However, visitors will still enjoy the area outside of the summer months, as fewer crowds and lower, more pleasant temperatures, allow travellers to experience the surrounding countryside of Crete, and the beautiful local villages, away from the beaches and the relentlessly hot sun.

The topography of Crete, with its central mountain range, means Elounda can be slightly cooler and wetter than the south of Crete. The mountains act as a natural barrier to the prevailing northerly wind, making the southern part of the island much hotter. Along with the cooling effect of the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, the mountain range helps prevent extremes of temperature in the summer and keeps winters mild.

Summer Weather in Elounda


The summer months in Elounda, from May to September, are hot and dry, and average temperatures during the day can get reach anywhere from 190C to 250C, sometimes getting much warmer. The hottest months of the year at this resort are July and August, when temperatures can climb as high as 280C. Throughout this season, temperatures stay warm even overnight, with lows of 180C in June, 210C in July and August, and 190C in September


Humidity is generally fairly low as this is a dry climate, but the hot sun can be relentless and a refreshing swim helps cool off.

Average Sea Temperature

August is the best month of the year to enjoy the cooling sea and go for a refreshing swim or snorkelling in the beautiful bay. The white sandy beaches and blue Mediterranean Sea are perfect at this time of year, with sea temperatures an average of 260C in this month, but are warm throughout the whole summer, ranging from 220C in June to 250C in July and September.


There are low levels of rainfall in summer, ranging from an average of only 2mm falling in July and August, the driest months of the year, to 6mm in June and 18mm in September as the wetter autumn season gets closer.

Average Sunshine Hours

The days are long and sunny in summer and July sees the longest, sunniest days with around 14 hours of sunshine every day. June and August have 13 hours of sunshine each day and the amount drops in September to 11 hours of sunshine a day.

Autumn Weather in Elounda

The autumn months of October and November are more tranquil as the summer comes to an end and the crowds disperse. These months generally have cooler weather than summer and more rainfall.


Average temperatures in October range from 160C to 220C, while November sees temperatures drop even further to an average of between 130C overnight and 190C during the day. This is still warm in comparison to much of northern Europe, so a visit to this resort in autumn would be a nice break from the colder UK weather. If planning outdoor activities, make sure to check the forecast before going out for the day.


It is starting to get wetter at this time of year and average rainfall for the autumn months can be around 71mm to 78mm. This can sometime come as thunderstorms or heavy downpours of rain.

Average Sunshine Hours

Days are still fairly long, and the amount of sunshine each day is around 8 to 9 hours.

Average Sea Temperature

There are still many opportunities for water sports and swimming on the warmer autumn days, as sea temperatures in October are a pleasant 230C and are still a mild 210C in November.

Winter Weather in Elounda

Winter months, from December to February, have colder, wetter weather, although the area still has a mild climate compared to Northern European destinations. 


January is the wettest month of the year in this town with 137mm of rainfall over the month, while December is also wet with around 122mm and February becomes slightly drier with only 94mm of rain throughout the month. Make sure to pack an umbrella and jacket if visiting in the winter, and plan for indoor activities on the wetter days after checking the daily forecast.

Average Sunshine Hours

There are fewer sunny days in winter, with higher levels of cloud cover, and only 6 or 7 hours of sunshine per day, gradually becoming brighter later in the season. 


December is the warmest winter month as average temperatures are 130C, with high temperatures of 160C and low temperatures dropping down to 100C, January can be the coldest month of the year with average temperatures dropping as low as 110C. This may not be an ideal time of year to visit if looking for hot, sunny weather, but the area still has a lot to offer those who travel in the winter. Snow and frost are extremely unlikely as it does not get cold enough in this part of the world, unlike the northern areas of Europe.

Spring Weather in Elounda

The spring months of March and April see gradually increasing temperatures and milder, more pleasant conditions. This is a good time of year to visit if you want to avoid the busy crowds and very hot temperatures in summer.

Average Sunshine Hours

The days are getting longer and the average hours of sunshine at this time of year is around 10 hours a day in March, increasing to 11 hours in April.


Temperatures are starting to rise from an average of 130C in March to 150C in April. The days can get as warm as 190C in April but it is still chilly overnight, so bring a jumper or jacket for the cooler evenings when visiting in spring.


The rainfall is decreasing through spring, and by April, there is around 36mm of rain falling throughout the month. The sea temperatures are still too cold for swimming, ranging from 160C to 170C during this season, and the spring weather varies depending on the sea breezes and whether or not the sun shines to determine the daytime temperatures.

Elounda is an attractive fishing village in the picturesque Mirabello Bay. The local people make their living through farming and fishing, but since the area has become a tourist destination, the resort has become a favourite spot for some relaxation in this beautiful beachside town. There are many luxurious hotels to choose from and there are more five star hotels here than anywhere else in Greece.

This resort is ideal for visitors looking for relaxation by the beach with plenty to do, but not so busy that it becomes crowded and noisy. This resort has an attractive harbour close to the town and the square. There are several Greek tavernas, bars and restaurants in the town and close to the water's edge for a scenic dining location.

There are also sandy beaches and other nearby beaches to choose from for swimming and snorkelling. Day trips to nearby Spinalonga Island are a popular excursion and this island can be seen from most places along the bay. Agios Nikolaos is only fifteen minutes' drive away for those looking for some extra nightlife. For detailed information before travelling, have a look at the averages for this resort which will help in planning the best holiday.

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