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    Dry and sunny most days, some cloud. One really wet day. Always humid, always warm. 28 plus

Historic Temperatures for 30th September in Carriacou

Average High 30°C (86°F)
Record High 32°C (90°F) (2012)
Average Low 24°C (75°F)

Carriacou is a relaxed island paradise free from the bustle of modern day life. It is located in Grenada, in the Southern Caribbean of the West Indies. The island is a total of 13 square miles and is the biggest of the Grenadines. Carriacou is known for having warm weather year round. Unlike other popular tourist destinations, Carriacou is not known for its attractions, but for the peaceful beaches, places to dive, hiking trails, and lush scenery.


The climate in Carriacou is typically warm throughout the year, with an average temperature of 30C. The average annual rainfall for the island is 1200mm. Since Grenada is on the edge of the hurricane belt, Carriacou can have bad weather and storms at certain times of the year. The weather is divided into seasons: a dry season and a rainy season. As a result, the seasons are usually measured by rainfall rather than by the temperature. However, most rainfall is heavy but donât last long, meaning travellers can still enjoy their tropical vacation.


June in Carriacou signals the beginning of the rainy season, as conditions are quite humid. Temperatures average 28°C, reaching highs of 29°C and nighttime lows of 27°C. Carriacou experiences 7 hours of sunshine per day this month, along with 133mm of rainfall over a period of sixteen days. The average sea temperature for the month is 28°C. Wind speeds in this area average 22km/h during the first month of the rainy season.

As the rainy season continues on the island, the chances of severe weather increase. In July, the average monthly temperature stays at 28°C, reaching daytime highs of 31°C and nightly lows of 24°C. The hours of sunshine per day stay the same at 7 hours, with the sea temperature also staying consistent at 28°C. The amount of precipitation increases to 144mm over an average of nineteen days. The average wind speed decreases slightly to 20km/h.

Tropical storms are most likely to occur in August. The forecasted rainfall stays at 144mm but the amount of days with rain increases to twenty. The average daily temperature stays at 28°C, with highs of 31°C and dipping down to 24°C at night. The amount of sunshine per day increases to 8 hours but the sea temperature stays the same at 28°C. The average wind speed continues to decrease slightly to 19km/h.


September in Carriacou sees an improvement in weather conditions, but is still considered part of the rainy season. The average temperature stays at 28°C, with highs of 31°C and lows of 24°C. The amount of sunshine per day falls to 7 hours with sea temperatures increasing slightly to 29°C. The amount of rainfall decreases to 123mm over eighteen days. The wind speeds decrease further to 17km/h.

Even though October is an autumn month, temperatures stay high and the amount of rainfall is steady. The average temperature is once again steady at 28°C reaching highs of 31°C and lows of 24°C. There are 7 hours of sunlight per day with the sea temperature holding steady at 29°C. The amount of rainfall increases during this month of the rainy season, with 140mm of rain over a period of twenty days. The average daily wind speeds increase to 19km/h.

November is a month of fluctuation on the island of Carriacou. The average temperature drops to 27°C, with daytime temperatures reaching highs of 31°C and lows of 23°C. However, daily temperatures may fluctuate more than usual. The daily hours of sunshine stay the same at 7 hours per day. The sea temperature also holds steady at 29°C, but the amount of rainfall increases even more with an average of 170mm over 21 days. The average wind speed stays at 19km/h.


The month of December is considered the last month of the rainy season for the island. The average temperature stays at 27°C. The temperature reaches highs of 30°C and evening lows of 23°C. There are still 7 hours of sunshine per day but the average sea temperature drops to 27°C this month. The amount of precipitation begins to decrease this month to 129mm over a period of nineteen days. The wind speeds continue to hold steady at 19km/h.

January marks the start of the dry season in Carriacou. This is the ideal time for travellers to visit the island. The average daily temperature is 26°C with daytime highs reaching 30°C and evening lows dipping down to 22°C. The forecasted hours of sunshine per day increase to 8 hours with the average sea temperature stays at 27°C. Rainfall this month decreases significantly at the beginning of the dry season, with just 54mm of rain spread out over twenty days. Wind speeds increase slightly to 20km/h.

The dry season continues in February, with the average amount of rainfall dropping even more. The amount of precipitation falls to just 35mm over a period of seventeen days. The average daily temperature stays the same as the previous month at 26°C, reaching highs of 30°C and lows of 22°C. There is an average of 8 hours of sun per day, with sea temperatures staying at 27°C. The average daily wind speeds increase to 22km/h.  


March in Carriacou has beautiful weather throughout the month. The average daily temperature is 27°C, with daytime high temperatures reaching 31°C and nightly lows falling to 22°C. There are 8 hours of sunlight per day, with the sea temperature remaining at 27°C. The rainfall average increases slightly to 44mm spread out over fifteen days. Wind speeds stay the same this month at 22km/h.

In April, rainfall occurs less than the previous months. There is an average rainfall of 30mm this month over thirteen days. The daily average temperature reaches 27°C, with highs of 31°C and lows of 23°C. Sunshine occurs for 8 hours a day with sea temperatures of 27°C. The average wind speeds increase during this month, reaching speeds of 24km/h.

Slightly higher temperatures reach the island of Carriacou in May. The average temperature reaches 29°C, with daily highs of 32°C and lows of 25°C. Sunlight remains in fully supply, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day on the island. Sea temperatures begin to increase this month, reaching temperatures of 28°C. Average rainfall reaches 46mm this month over fifteen days, with wind speeds staying at 24km/h this month.

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