Zurich Weather August Averages, Switzerland

    • Temperature Temperature 18°C 64°F
    • High Temperature Holiday Weather 23°C 73°F
    • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 13°C 55°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 7 hrs
    • Rainfall Rainfall 120 mm
    • Rainfall days Rainfall days 16 days

    Zurich Weather for August 2020

    What's the Weather Like in Zurich in August


    Zurich is an amazing city to visit especially in summer when the city gets a high number of global tourists keen to experience Zurich at a time when the weather is favorable and suitable for outdoor exploration. The average temperature in Zurich in August is 18°C (64F). The highest temperature for the month is 23°C (73F) while the lowest temperature is 13°C (55F).

    Sunshine Hours

    In August, Zurich receives an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. During the course of the month, cloud cover in Zurich gradually increases from 39% to 44%. August 3 is the clearest day of the month.


    In August, the average rainfall amount for the month increases to 120mm. As the month progresses, rainfall decreases starting the month at an average of 109mm and dropping to 96mm towards the last days of the month.

    Sunrise and Sunset

    In August, the length of day rapidly decreases from the first to last day of the month with a total decrease of 1 hour and 31 minutes. August 1 is the longest day of the month while August 31 is the shortest day of the month. The earliest sunrise at 6.03 am is on August 1 while the latest sunrise is on August 31 at 6.43am. On the other hand, the latest sunset is on August 1 at 8.59pm and the earliest sunset is on August 31 at 8.08pm.


    In August, humidity in Zurich remains constant at 1% throughout the month.


    In August, the average hourly wind speed remains constant throughout the month within 0.2 miles per hour of 5.2 miles per hour. August 10 is the calmest day of the year in Zurich with an average daily wind speed of 5.0 miles per hour.

    Zurich Hotels in August

    Zurich offers all types of accommodation that suit both luxury and business travelers with the best amenities that impress guests who come here. In Zurich, there are 5-star exquisite hotels to guesthouses which all share one thing in common; comfort and excellent service to customers. Irrespective of how much you intend to spend on accommodation, you can be guaranteed to feel welcomed and at home.

    Savoy Baur En Ville

    Savoy Baur En Ville is a home of luxury and sophistication offering guests a royalty experience. The grand style of the hotel creatively depicts a traditional and rich design with spacious furnished rooms that reflect elegance and comfort. Savoy Baur En Ville is located in Zurich's shopping and financial district meaning you can easily access numerous facilities within the vicinity of the hotel. This is the best place to enjoy a peaceful night in the heart of Zurich. The hotel has 3 restaurants on location offering a wide variety of French, Italian and globally inspired dishes.

    Greulich Design & Lifestyle Hotel

    Greulich Design & Lifestyle Hotel is a home away from home 4-star blue establishment that is a haven for lovers of lifestyle and design. Located in Zurich's fashionable district, the glass-fronted suites and rooms are a paradise of relaxation and incorporate classic designs. Built in 2003, this architectural spectacle offers guests the best price guarantees and has a spacious inner courtyard. During summer, visitors can participate in the hotel's yoga classes.

    Engimatt City Garden Hotel

    Engimatt City- Garden Hotel is located in the quiet and scenic neighborhood of Enge. The hotel is surrounded by a green oasis and is the best spot to stay if you want somewhere peaceful away from noisy activities. Within a few minutes walking distance is the famous Bahnhofstrasse, Lake Zurich and the historic old town. The Museum Rietberg which holds fascinating history as well as the surrounding park lies close to Engimatt City Garden Hotel. From the hotel, you can easily explore other attractions in Zurich.

    Alexander Guesthouse

    Alexander Guesthouse is the ideal accommodation for guests working with a tight budget but require a good place to stay in Zurich. Aside from offering pocket friendly prices, the family owned guesthouse is strategically located in the heart of Zurich maintaining high standards of comfort and excellent service. The hotel is a short walk from famous Zurich landmarks, Bahnhofstrasse shopping district, the financial district as well as numerous cafes and bars. You can be assured to receive full value for your money thanks to the excellent service and personalized guest service.

    Restaurants and Bars

    Zurich city is awash with various kinds of restaurants and bars. Regardless of the time of day, you won't have to walk around for long before you spot a nice restaurant or café to enjoy your meal. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, a la carte, snacks or dinner, welcome to Zurich, your dining and entertainment haven.

    Raclette Factory Rindermarkt

    Raclette Factory is a famous traditional restaurant that embraces and blends both modern and tradition styles of cooking. Located in the heart of Zurich Old Town, this restaurant is a cheese hub and everything that is served here revolves around specific types of melted cheese. The cheese at Raclette Factory is a traditional Swiss specialty that offers a unique and captivating taste you won't find anywhere else in Zurich. Guests can choose from different types of cheese, accompaniments and ingredients. This is definitely a special restaurant to visit; opening hours are Sunday to Thursday 11am 10pm. Friday and Saturday opening hours are from 11am to midnight.

    Mesob Restaurant and Bar

    Mesob is a relaxed and traditional restaurant offering Eritrean, Ethiopian and African cuisine in the heart of Zurich. This is one of the few places you will find authentic Ethiopian dishes carefully prepared to offer diverse and flavoured meals. All dishes are served in a traditional communal platter and guests can share with friends and family. Mesob restaurant also focusses on serving East African cuisine enabling you to have fun in a friendly, social and relaxed environment. The restaurant opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.30am midnight and Friday to Saturday from 11.30am to 4am.


    Metropol is the center of international cuisine located in a beautiful Zurich building. Since 2007, the newly restored and refurbished premises is home to an extensive range of menu and diners will absolutely love the experience. There are no limits to creativity as the delicacies prepared are outstanding with a unique flair but incorporating a local Swiss twist. Located on the upper end of Bahnhofstrasse, the restaurant is easily accessible and presents a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 8am 8.30pm and Sunday 8.30am 6.30pm.

    Metzgerei Zgraggen Restaurant

    Metzgerei Zgraggen Restaurant is famous for its specialty fresh and succulent meat that is sourced directly from the local farmers. Major delicacies at the restaurant include meat, fish and deli. If you wish to eat from somewhere else, Metzgerei Zgraggen Restaurant offers daily takeaway menus that feature both hot and cold dishes. The dining environment is friendly and relaxed and emphasis is put on offering the best quality foods. The restaurant opens from Monday to Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 7am 5pm.

    Things to Do in Zurich in August

    Visit the Grossmunster Church

    Grossmunster Church holds significant history and is a great place to visit especially if you would love to familiarize yourself about Zurich's history. The Romanesque design church is among Zurich's four main churches. The best part of the trip is when you climb 187 narrow steps to the two towers and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. The church is associated with the evangelical reformation of the Canton of Zurich. According to legends, Regula and Felix who were the patron saints had their heads cut off at Wasserkirche and their heads taken up to where the Grossmunster church stands today. Centuries later, a church was founded at the site by Emperor Charlemagne in hour of the saints.

    Day tour to Ulrich Zwingli

    Ulrich Zwingli Monument is named after one of the most notable Swiss Protestant Reformers, Ulrich Zwingli who lived from 1st January 1484 - 11th October 1531. As one of the pioneers for reforms, he played a key role in getting the Canton of Zurich to accept reformation creating many enemies who eventually had him killed. The statue located to the south of Wasserkirche shows him carrying a bible in one hand as he holds a sword in the other hand.

    Explore The Munsterhof Square

    Münsterhof Square located North of the Fraumünster is an irregular Square that traces its origins back to the 13th century when construction of Zurich began in earnest. The Square was enclosed in the city's wall is today famous for its fountain which is now a place of interest in Zurich.  Initially, part of the Square was a cemetery but it was majorly used as a venue for Zurich trade fairs that took place from 874 to 1785.  

    Attend the Annual Limmat River Swim Event

    Limmat River Swim is an annual summer event in Zurich that enables both locals and visitors to come out and have fun in Zurich waters. In addition, hot months in winter allow guests to swim because the waters are warm and conducive. Urban swimming is a popular summer Zurich culture that brings everyone together to socialize and spend time outdoors.

    Enjoy Swiss National Day Celebrations

    Swiss National Day is an annual holiday that falls on August 1 and has been celebrated since 1891. It's also famously known as the First of August and the date was incorporated from the Swiss Federal Charter that was signed at the start of August 1291. Since everyone doesn't work on this day, there are numerous fun activities that accompany the celebrations. On this day, many residential and commercial buildings are decorated with Swiss flags and there are numerous colorful parades that sneak their way around the city. In the evenings, there are a series of festivals and parties that keep everyone in a vibrant mood. This is definitely a great time to be visiting Zurich.

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