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Historic Temperatures for 20th September in Ljubljana

Average High 18°C (64°F)
Record High 25°C (77°F) (2000)
Average Low 8°C (46°F)
Record Low 2°C (36°F) (2007)

Ljubljana receives all four seasons with pleasantly hot summers, snowy winters and plentiful rainfall year round. Ljubljana is one of the wettest capitals in Europe. It is also very humid and known for its fog. Ljubljana has an oceanic, subtropical climate, but it sits in the centre of Slovenia which makes its seasons slightly more pronounced â" with less moderate temperatures â" than you might expect of an oceanic climate.

Summer, from June till September, arguably sees Ljubljanaâs best weather with warmth and plenty of sunshine. However, it is on average the wettest time of year, which is why it arguably doesnât... The average high temperature rises to 23°C in June, peaks at 26°C in July, then reduces to 25°C in August and 22°C in September. It can get up into the 30s and as humidity is high in the daytime it can become a bit sticky for comfort. Humidity is much lower at night and it tends to cool off considerably to the mid to low teens. Rainfall is high throughout the season and heavy thunderstorms occur frequently. Ljubljana sits in a river basin and the city has been known to be affected by flooding. However, showers are usually followed by clear skies so Ljubljana sees a surprising amount of bright sunny weather, especially at the start of the summer. July is the sunniest month with an average of nine hours of sunshine per day.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Autumn, in October and November, cools off quickly. Wet, grey weather is standard. The average high temperature falls to 16°C in October and 8°C in November, while the average low plummets to 6°C and 1°C respectively. Frosts are common from the start of November and the fog becomes quite persistent. The rain does not relent and sunshine levels suffer, dropping to an average of four hours per day in October, and just two in November.

Winter, from December till February, sees Ljubljana under a blanket of snow. The average high temperature drops to 3°C in December, 2°C in January, and 6°C in February. The average low falls below 0°C for the entire season, reaching its lowest of -4°C in January. It can get much colder â" the record low is -28°C â" so be prepared. Precipitation tends to fall as snow throughout the season: the city is snow-covered for an average of 65 days in winter. Fog develops with great regularity and the sun continues to hide, only getting back up to four hours per day in February.

Spring, from March till May, is also arguably Ljubljanaâs most pleasant season. It heats up gradually, is usually sunny, and sees drier weather than summer. The average high temperature gets up to 10°C in March, 15°C in April and 20°C in May. Night time temperatures remain very chilly, only getting up to an average of 9°C in May. The sun comes out more and more, reaching a very respectable average of seven hours per day in May.

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Surrounded by an impressive landscape, Ljubljana provides a vast number of invigorating outdoor sports such as paragliding, hang-gliding, ballooning, rock-climbing, and of course, skiing in winter. Ljubljana boasts incredible walking and hiking tracks that wind through the luxuriant forests that circle the city. The charming capital city of Slovenia, complete with stylish squares and elegant architecture, is ideally located for discovering this small country, being no more than 90 minutes away from most attractions.

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